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Claudia Lisotta

Leah - Pink

Leah - Pink

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Introducing Leah, the bold hot pink suede leather sandals adorned with statement hot pink feathers on the toe. These dreamy designer shoes are designed to turn heads and elevate any outfit, making them perfect for women seeking chic and sophisticated women's shoes for both casual and glamorous events.

Pair Leah with a beautiful black dress for an enchanting evening look, or combine them with jeans for a stylish, semi-casual outfit. Crafted with a 100% leather upper and outsole, these women's heels also feature synthetic feathers for an extra touch of glamour.

Leah's unique design runs 1/2 larger, ensuring a comfortable fit with its 3" heel height. Embrace the beauty and strength of Leah's designer women's shoes and make a striking style statement wherever you go.

Fit is 1/2 size larger.
Heel height 3."
Upper 100% leather + synthetic feathers
Outsole 100% leather

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